Nikiti is the capital of the Municipality of Sithonia is 90 km from Thessaloniki airport and inhabited by 3,000 residents who deal with tourism, olive oil production and beekeeping.

The name comes from the land of which was a dependency of Neakitou  a monastery of Mount Athos since 1300 AD

Nikiti is separated from the old and the new village. In the old, the visitor can admire houses more than 150 years, walk to the narrow streets and visit the picturesque and beautiful church of Agios Nikitas.

The new village is located on the beach of Nikiti and is ideal for an evening or morning walk. There are several restaurants, snack bar, pizza and playgrounds for kids.

Since 2009 operates the yachts marina where parked safely dozen of speedboats and sailboats.

Just 1,500 meters from the village center and near the chapel of St. George is the basilica (church) of Sophronius which is dating back to the 5th AD century. It is one of the oldest early Christian churches that have been found in Macedonia and the visitor can admire the mosaic decoration of the floor, wall paintings and sculptures.


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